How to Build a Cheap Gold Separator

Separating gold from rock ore is a multiple process that involves crushing and grinding the rock ore, creating a liquid solution, including additives to cause the gold to precipitate out of the solution and gathering the gold. After the gold is separated from the ore, it is further refined to remove impurities. Gold found in thick veins is economically easy to separate from the rock ore independent of the price of gold; however, gold particles found in large rock ore deposits are only economically feasible to separate when the price of gold is high. How to build a cheap gold separator is a important question for many gold mines.

Gravity Separation Machine

Gravity separation remains the most widely used recovery method. Gravity recovery equipment, including gold pans, sluice boxes, long toms, jigs, and amalgamation devices, has been used since the time of the California gold rush, and many present day operations still employ the same equipment.

Spiral concentrators are modern, high capacity, low cost units developed for the concentration of low grade ores. Spirals consist of a single or double helical sluice wrapped around a central support with a wash water channel and a series of concentrate take-off ports placed at regular intervals along the spiral.

Crusher Plant for Gold Separation

Gold separation begins with the crushing of extracted ore in preparation for further activities to recover the gold values. A primary crusher, such as a jaw crusher type, is used to reduce ore into particles less than 150 mm in diameter. Generally, crushing continues using a cone crusher and an internal sizing screen until the ore is less than 19 mm. Crushing in jaw and cone crushers is a dry process, with water spray applied only to control dust. From the cone crusher, ore is fed to the grinding circuit where milling continues in the presence of water. Zenith provides complete range of crusher plant for gold separation and processing. Please contact us for more information.