Antimony Ore Dressing Equipment

Antimony Ore Dressing Equipment

Antimony ore dressing method, mainly hand picking, gravity separation, flotation method. One of them looked at the flotation of the concentrator, followed by hand picking. A handful of antimony ore flotation process by using a single plant, most can adopt the combined process of antimony ore beneficiation plant, such as the players - processing, manual picking - gravity - flotation process.

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In the antimony ore beneficiation process, there are many related mining equipment. As a large-scale mining enterprises, we can provide high quality equipment for antimony ore beneficiation and other mineral rich countries of South africa. Antimony ore beneficiation equipment consists of feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, separator, classification instrument and other equipment. The production line can also be used for other metals such as copper ore, silver ore, bauxite and so on. Our crushing plants, jaw crushers may be the first choice and the famous plants are mainly broken, impact crusher and hammer crusher are broken for two times, cone crusher can be finely crushed.The new sort portable crusher plant and rubber tyred mobile crusher might be outfitted with diverse varieties of crushers and auxiliary equipment such as vibrating screen and feeder, belt conveyor and so forth. we now have installed 1000′s of antimony ore crushers in South Africa and even more than a hundred other nations, and produce large profits for buyers.For anyone who is keen on any of our product, please let us know, we are going to test our most effective to satisfy your needs.

Crushing and Grinding stage

The extracted ore should be crushed by jaw crusher initially and then by fine crusher. When it gets the reasonable fineness, it is transported into ball mill by elevating conveyor and feeder, and is milled by ball mill.

Classifying stage

The subtle milled ore gets the next procedure: classification. There is a theory that if the weights of solid particles are different, the sedimentations will be different, and the mixed ore can be classified by screw classifier.

Concentrator thickening and drying

Then antimony ore is separated from others. Since the separated ore are wet, they should be dewatered by thicker initially, and dried by dryer.

Mixing and Flotation stage

The classified ore gets into mixing tank for fully mixing. At this stage, chemical agent for foam can be added. After fully mixing, the slurry will enter into flotation machine.

When the flotation machine works, the motor drives the impeller to revolve, so the centrifugal effect and negative pressure are produced. On one hand, ample air is absorbed and mixed with mineral slurry, on the other hand, the mixed mineral slurry is mingled with additive, meanwhile, the foams are thinning, the mineral is bounded with foams, and floats up to the surface of mineral slurry and the mineralized foam is formed. The liquid surface can be adjusted with the height of adjustment flashboard, so that the useful foams are scraped with squeegee.