Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill

Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill

The status quo of technology of vertical mill and its transmission mechanism is introduced. Based on analysis, the technology level of transmission mechanism is an important factor affecting the development of large vertical mill. The technology of multi-flow load-uniformization and the technology of double-planetary-gear transmission are proposed. The transmission mechanism can be used in 5-6 MW super large vertical mill.

Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill Characteristics

In the grinding production line of vertical mill, the common used equipment includes ball mill, rod mill and vertical mil and so on. Of them, the rod mill is equipped with ball mill to complete the grinding procedures. Obviously, vertical mill is the development direction of grinding industry and cement powder production line.

In grinding theory, vertical mill has adopted the principle of not fully qualified material bed squeezing grinding, compared with the ball tube mill, the grinding efficiency as its 165%, save power consumption by 20% ~ 40%. Grinding material product specific surface area is of 350 m2 / kg. The system air leakage, less than half of ball mill system, which can reduce the cost of waste gas processing and it has low noise, greatly reduce noise pollution. This vertical mill is concentrated broken, grinding, drying, choose powder with five unit operations such as pneumatic conveying at an organic whole, less equipment, the system is simple, cover an area of less, take cost is much lower and it will take less metal consumption.

Status Quo of Vertical Mill Transmission Mechanism:

Vertical mill transmission mechanism device is driven vertical mill equipment. Vertical mill is driven by a motor speed reducer coupling, the main reducer, connected by mill and roller mill. Main reducer is equipped with high and low pressure gas station, at the time of start-stop and the normal operation of the thrust bearing the high pressure oil liquid formed between thrust surface mat and a millstone, raise mill, ensure the thrust bearing from abrasion loss.