Chrome Ore Washing Plant

Chrome Ore Washing Plant

Chromite Processing Plant including steps such as crushing, screening, magnetic separation, jigging and fines treatment and upgrading. One of our main focus areas is to improve chromite recovery and upgrading of large chrome iron ore dumps which have been discarded as a valuable source of chrome iron ore in the past.

chrome ore washing and equipment

Nearly 50 to 60% of the ore consists of chrome fines including agglomerates put on a 10 mm & 3 mm Vibrating Screen (Double Deck) fitted on the pre-washed tank will be washed by water spray. -3mm ore (fines) along with gangue materials settle in the tank and the over sized materials on the screen will be removed manually. It is a continuous process. When the ore with gangue materials come in contact with water, it becomes slurry. As the chrome ore (fines) is a heavy material, so pure ore (fines) settle in the tank and some ore with agglomerates flow and settle on the way till reaches the end of the tank. Around 60-70% of the material will be processed in this manner and will be taken and stacked in the finished product yard for subsequent dispatch.

Scrubbing & Desliming

Nearly 60-70% of the ore consists of chrome fines including agglomerates, which requires thorough scrubbing for removal of ferruginous coating on them. Hence, it is concerted to use one drum type scrubber with a partial overflow lip for removal of slimes.


After scrubbing (-) 20mm and (+) 3 mm materials are screened out. (-) 20 mm materials are collected in the form of slurry through a slurry pump, which is fed to Hydrocyclone. In the Hydro-Cyclone. Lighter particles are separated from the fines (chrome) and its become chrome concentrate. The tailing ore collected through pipe line to a pond where it gets settled. And the clear water will over flow to another pond for recirculation in the process.

chrome ore washing plant supplier

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