Clinker Grinding Plant Specs

Clinker Grinding Plant Specs

In the process of clay mining, crushing is the key process. In this process, we need a complete crushing line. Handling smash, clay is crushed to the necessary size and then washed, slurries, grit removal, grading, selection, bleaching, filtration.

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Chinese clay breakage is usually divided into 3 stages, namely, primary crushing, two crushing and fine crushing. Jaw crusher, Cone Crusher is the ideal of the main crushing. Ordinary Cone crusher is the ideal choice for two times crushing. The fast-head cone Crusher is an ideal choice for fine crushing. Jaw crusher is mainly used as crusher. Their main objective should be to produce materials that can be transported from a belt conveyor to a subsequent crushing stage. A fixed and movable jaw in a fractured zone that is mounted in a connecting rod, and whose movement is created by the movement of the connecting rod and the main eccentric shaft. Chinese clay impact crusher and cone crusher are commonly used in Chinese clay jaw crusher for more crushing equipment. For certain requirements, further grinding may be required in some cases. Chinese clay grinding equipment such as ball mill, ultrafine Mill, MTM trapezoidal mill, etc.

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Our Chinese clay grinder involves projects such as ball mill, vertical roller mill, ultra-fine grinding, coarse grinding machine (coarse powder mill). Ball Mill is a traditional horizontal grinding machine, widely used, can grind a variety of materials. The Raymond Mill may be a vertical grinder that is likely to be used in many countries and has a very long background. MTM Medium-Speed trapezoidal Mill is our company has created a new grinding machine, using a lot of country grinding technology and our engineers experience.

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For just about thirty years, we supply world-class clay mills and help services in a lot more than 130 nations throughout the globe. At this time, clay mining equipment made and manufactured by zenith are exported to additional than 130 countries and are extensively used while in the international mining and development industry. With innovation and enthusiasm, we are going to constantly offer improved solutions and greater companies for our distinguished customers.