Ethiopia Cone Crusher Sale

Ethiopia Cone Crusher Sale

Ethiopia cone crusher is a high-performance machine of our company which adopts Germany technology and develop with the world’s advanced level. It not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expanded the scope of application, from limestone to basalt, produced from the stone to a variety of ore crushing, high efficiently finish all kinds of crushing , fine, super finely homework.

Working Principle of Cone Crusher

When Cone Crusher is at working, the belt, a big belt wheel, transmission shaft, bevel gear and bevel gear drive the eccentric sleeve to rotate under the force of motor. The crushing cone axis is forced to rotating swing under the eccentric sleeve to make the broken wall surface close to or depart from rolling mortar wall so that the materials are repeatedly subjected to impact, extrusion and bending and crushing in the fixed cone and movable cone crushing cavity. After repeated extrusion, impact and bending, materials are crushed to the required size, and discharged from the lower.

Cone Crusher Features

  1. High yield capacity and stability:In the moving cone, top cone angle is small; the material that depends on its own weight to fall has fast speed, which can effectively improve the output of crusher. Constant cavity system ensures the lining board remains the same cavity type under different wear conditions, so that the feedstock and production capacity can keep the same all the time.
  2. Simple structure and reliable performance:Numerous facts have proved that the more simple mechanical system structure is, the lower failure rate is, higher reliability and running more stable. In order to ensure the comprehensive performance, the structure of the machine is optimization, higher smooth transmission and more reliable performance.
  3. Clear cavity fast and repair convenience:This machine integrates hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic protection set into one and convenient cleaning cavity; all repair work can be completed out on a rack. Liner replacement time is short and saving downtime.
  4. Widely applicable product grain type:The series has a variety of cavity and multi style swing frequency. Stroke changes easily. It can be suitable for various size materials; multiple ore discharge port adjustment system makes discharge port adjusting convenient. The machine adopts the laminating crushing principle so that the product particle type is ideal.