Jaw Crusher Liner Replacement

Jaw Crusher Liner Replacement

Jaw crusher is the use of lining plate, back plate, plate hammer blow against the stones of the broken, so the lining plate, back plate, plate hammer and so on are generally considered to be wearing parts, in the daily work need special attention, timely replacement. When the jaw type crusher lining plate thickness wear 2/3, no wear leakage, rupture, or the ore discharge port increases to can not be adjusted, it is required to replace the lining board

Introduce of Jaw Crusher Liner Replacement

We can according to jaw crusher wear and rupture of the situation decided to change the scope of the heavy industries are summarized in five aspects: jaw crusher frame and broken cone lining at the same time all replaced; only replace the jaw crusher frame or broken cone lining board one of them; only to replace the jaw crusher rack, only replace the jaw crusher frame or broken circle one of the lower lining; only the local replacement jaw crusher.

Attention of the replacement

  1. replace jaw crusher frame lining board, as the old liner cannot take it off when, available in gas welding, cutting and rack surface clean, back panel new casting concrete lining is 500 to 600, cement and sand, the proportion is according to the quality of the mixing ratio of 1:3, before casting, lining board to be polished clean, concrete and it is firmly combined.
  2. after the concrete casting, must be trimmed, so that the back surface of the lining and the rack close to the frame, and must wait for the concrete dry before you can put into use, otherwise affect the jaw crusher service life.
  3. replacement of jaw crusher cone lining plate, in cutting lining plate in to avoid damage of pyramidal maintained between 1 to 2 mm gap, the top lining plate installed, should first pressing nuts are arranged on and then casting zinc alloy, before casting, cone and the lining board preheat 60-80 DEG C, lining board of the joint clearance to plugged with asbestos and clay, lest zinc alloy, to be lining plate casting alloy, installed on the clamping nut and locking plate to tightly fixed.
  4. Wide applicability. The crushing plant can work as independent unit or work with other units to form a primary-secondary crushing system or primary-secondary-fine crushing system. It can also work as a production line with the screening equipment according to the requirement of customers.