Kenya Pebble Crusher Machine

Kenya Pebble Crusher Machine

Kenya pebble crusher aggregate outstanding performance in the crushing process, through technological upgrading, the successful implementation of triple increase production, to become the most trusted broken experts.Pebble crusher machine is widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction, highway, railway, irrigation and chemical industries, and our Pebble crusher machine have the features of high reduction ratio, even powder sizes, low power consumption and easy maintenance.

working principle of pebble crusher machine

he working principle of pebble crusher machine is very simple. The whole crushing process rely on the relative motion of the two jaw plates. One of the jaw plates stay still while the other move against it. And with the movement, the materials between the two plates would be crushed into small elements. While the plates move against each other, the materials would be crushed and while plates move away from each other, the broken materials which are smaller enough would drop through the discharging opening. And due to the simple structure, pebble crusher machinery is easy to maintain and repair. These features promote its popularity to a great extant.

Kenya Pebble Crusher Machine Features

  1. The broken cavity is deep and without dead area, which increases the feeding capacity and output.
  2. High-manganese steel are used for liners;
  3. The size reduction ratio is big.
  4. High rotation speed of movable jaw and the arc jaw plate design increase production capacity.
  5. Lubrication system of Pebble crusher machine is safe and reliable.
  6. The adjustment range of the outlet is big what improves the flexibility of equipment and also satisfies the requirements of different customers.
  7. With low noise and less dust.