Largest Fixed Impact Crusher

Largest Fixed Impact Crusher

With the rapid development of the national infrastructure investment and urbanization, the demand of the national aggregate and artificial sand in a period is in rapid growth. Zenith impact crusher is in the gravel aggregate concrete strong position: The processed materials by Zenith impact crusher in gravel aggregate particle size distribution, grain shape, surface characteristics, the particle content of the flakiness and open areas free rate is in full compliance with the requirements of high-grade sand and gravel aggregates, aggregates gradually is regarded as the main framework materials, and the less the amount of cement is, the better it will be, which will reinforce the status of the sand and gravel aggregate in the concrete.

Largest Fixed Impact Crusher Application

Our produced the impact crusher on the basis of the wet and dry sand making firstly create semi-dry sand making process, the establishment of environmentally friendly aggregate processing system avoids dry sand making atmospheric pollution, but also better construction waste water recycling and processing system, control sand fineness modulus of sand moisture, which can be obtained with high powder content, while simplifying the process of impact crusher system, and reduce operating costs. Crushing and screening function can meet various technical requirements.

Largest Fixed Impact Crusher Operate

Impact crusher is similar with sand making machine, its main working parts are: a hammer / hammer rotor. Rotor from the spindle, disk, pin and hammer. The motor drives the rotor in the high-speed rotation in the crushing cavity. Material from the upper feed port enter the machine by the high-speed motion hammer blow, impact, shearing, grinding and grinding. In the lower part of the rotor with sieve plate, smaller than the mesh size fractions in the crushed material, which is discharged through the sieve, the coarse fraction is larger than the mesh size sieve retention, and it continues to be a hammer blow and grinding, and finally through the sieve board discharged outside the machine.