Mobile Crusher and Milling Plant

Mobile Crusher and Milling Plant

Zenith provides a full range of mobile crusher. The movable crusher can be equipped with a jaw crusher, a counter strike pulverizer, a cone crusher and so on. With the new functionality, the mobile crusher provides a real user-friendly, multi-functional mobile device. Now, a crawler crusher can provide 100% crushing capacity for hard rock and high capacity cyclic comminution. If you work with harsh quarries, gravel or recycled applications.

Crushing and Milling Operation

Crushing is an essential element of mineral processing. Crushing is made up of a series of crushing and grinding processes. It requires a lot of energy consumption and maintenance costs. During the crushing process, the grain size of the ore decreases gradually. This is necessary for many reasons, for example:

  • 1. To liberate one or more valuable minerals from the gangue in an ore matrix
  • 2. To achieve the desired size for later processing or handling
  • 3. To expose a large surface area per unit mass of material, thus aiding some specific chemical reaction
  • 4. To satisfy market requirements relating to particle size specifications.

Mobile Crusher and Milling Plant

Zenith is the global supplier and manufacturer of rock and minerals processing equipment. We developed track-mounted, fully mobile crushing plants several ten years ago. To date, thousands of mobile crushing plants have found application in contract crushing, as well as in pit and mining applications, and recycle crushing sites.

Our mobile crusher and ore milling equipment are avialable with different models and specifications. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

Mobile Milling Plant

Milling is also known as grinding, and is an important element in mineral processing. Different types of mill are used in milling, such as ball mill, vertical roller mill, raymond mill, ultrafine mill and so on.

Development of ever larger ball mill grinding units has helped in the processing of lower grade ores and the simplification of the crushing section, elimination of secondary and tertiary crushing – and of the milling section, in terms of the numbers of ball and rod mills used previously. Ball mill is the good choice for mineral processing.