Mobile Granite Crushing Machine

Mobile Granite Crushing Machine

Granite is mined and quarried mainly by two methods: underground mining and open pit mining. The often used technique is open pit process. The initial step in quarrying would be to achieve access to the granite deposit. The granite mining process usually starts with drilling and blasting, accompanied by crushing, grinding, screening, size classification, separation etc. There are various forms of technics and granite mining equipment involves in granite mining and processing. Zenith provides mobile granite quarry mining equipment with flexible applications.

Mobile Granite Quarry Mining Equipment

In granite quarrying and mining process, many different types of equipment are involved such as drilling and blasting machine, extraction plant, quarry machine, mining equipment, cutting machine, processing plant, grinding mill etc.

Zenith is specialized in providing sustainable technology and professional service for mining and beneficiation equipment. We newly developed mobile granite quarry mining equipment for flexible applications. It can be conveniently move on the quarry working site. Our quarry plant has been exported to Ghana, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Russia, Indonesia, Zambia, Bolivia, Colombia, Mali, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Peru, Omen etc. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Granite Quarry Plant Selection

It is crucial to optimize the granite quarry plant layout and design, and establish a best quarrying solution for high production and capacity. There is several factors need to considered in order to design a cost-effective granite quarry plant.

  • Rock type: hard rock, soft rock or sand and gravel.
  • Size of extracted minerals: some hard rock, depending on geology, is in massive block after extracted from the quarry. Sand and gravel will generally be in particles less than 15cm.
  • End products: final size required for final application.
  • Annual output: there is different production capacity of equipment available for different scales of rock quarry.
  • Processing method: sand and gravel can be extracted above or below the water table, this lead to choice on either dry or wet processing.