Nairobi Coal Mining Equipment

Nairobi Coal Mining Equipment

The typical coal crushing and screening plant mainly including coal crusher, coal grinding mills, coal vibrating feeder, coal vibrating screening and so on. Since we are professional in this field, we can provide the mine owners or operators the whole coal crushing and screening system or independent equipment.

Nairobi coal mining necessity

No matter the preliminary working of raw coal, or coal dressing process, crushing process is critical. It directly influences the investment in coal marketing and following processing; what’s more, it has direct relationship with economic benefit of coal business. With the further development of market economy and improvement of coal dressing plants & technologies, new requirements for conventional crushing operation is put forward.

Coal crushing machine is used to crush coal into small size. In coal mining industry, the usually used crushing machines are jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher and mobile coal crusher. These coal crushers have special benefits. Large jaw crusher can crush coal with the capacity 1000 tons per hour. Mobile coal crusher is the most portable crushing plant. Sometimes, in underground mining, coal crusher is also used to crush big coal into smaller then transport them by belt conveyor.

Coal deep processing and need of clean coal

In the coal washing and treating process, in order to maximize the individual dissociation of gangue and coal, increase the specific surface area of raw materials, improve coal’s quality, remove harmful materials in coal, like sulphur, phosphorous, etc., reduce pollution to air during combustion, effective crushing operation to coal must be carried out.

Coal provides one of the best alternative sources of energy due to its availability, easy usage and high heat emission. Therefore it's extremely important to choose best suitable coal mining project solution.

We have cooperative with them to provide series of coal mining equipment including coal crushers, coal mills, screening plant and the whole coal processing plant design. Coal washing machine is the important mining equipment. It can remove the dust, inclusion form coal. The whole project went smoothly and the cooperation will continue.