Nairobi Gold Crusher Machine

Nairobi Gold Crusher Machine

After mining the rock, the gold ore is crushed and ground and the heavy minerals, such as gold, are concentrated through an old-fashioned gold diggers pan. To separate the gold from the other heavy minerals, the so called amalgamation method is often used. Zenith provide mini gold crusher machine with cheap price for small scale gold mining application.

Gold Crushing Circuit Design

Gold crushing operation means size reduction of raw gold ore and crushing the large massive materials into needed end particle sizes. Based on final application needs for crushed gold, there are actually various crushing phases for options, like primary crushing, secondary crushing and tertiary crushing periods. To be able to enhance the crushing performance and design a higher production capacity crushing process, we have to take numerous aspects into consideration.

  • 1. Gold ore characteristics;
  • 2. Crushing process configuration, crushing stages used in the whole process;
  • 3. Operating parameters of crushing and screening equipment;
  • 4. Requirements about the final product (crushed gold ore).

Nairobi Gold Crusher Plant Types

Zenith is specialized in manufacturing and supplying of quarrying and mining equipment. We provide complete series of large scale of crushing equipment and mini gold crushing machine with cheap price.Jaw crusher is the most favorite primary crushing; it is with big crushing ratio, high production capacity.Impact crusher is widely applied in primary and secondary crushing process. It works by rock on rock principle, which shows high efficiency in stone size reduction and recycling application.Cone crusher is extensively used in fine crushing process. It has hydraulic control system and produces fine and even final particle size.Mobile crushing plant is flexible for many mining and construction application. It is convenient to move the working site.