Portable Diamond Processing Plants

Portable Diamond Processing Plants

Diamonds are known to occur in a variety of rocks, including high-pressure metamorphic rocks such as garnet-biotite gneisses of northern Kazakhstan, alpinetype peridotites, and meteorites. However, the only known economically significant primary sources of diamond are kimberlite and lamproite. The Argyle lamproite pipe, in north-western Australia, is the largest known diamond producer. No significantly diamondiferous lamproites are known in South Africa where the primary sources mined are kimberlite pipes and dykes.

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The process of alluvial diamond mining involves digging and sifting through mud, sand and gravel using shovels, sieves, or even bare hands. Typically, diamonds come from geologic rock formations called Kimberlites. Kimberlite rock formations that contain diamonds are eroded over time by rivers and streams and can deposit diamonds in the sediments carried by those streams farther downstream from the original source rocks. These deposits are called alluvial diamond deposits.

Separating diamonds from the kimberlite host rock is a non-chemical, gravity-based process which relies on the diamonds’ heavier weight to separate them from waste rock. At the beginning of this process, diamond-bearing kimberlite ore is trucked to a storage area outside the process plant.

A primary sizer reduces the ore before it enters the plant where it is mixed with water and crushed to less than 30 millimetres. The ore is then conveyed to the dense medium separation circuit. Here fine grained, heavy and magnetic ferro-silicon sand is added to the crushed ore and water mixture.

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