Used Stone Crusher Machine

Used Stone Crusher Machine

Stone Crushing machine is a significant industrial sector across the country involved in production for crushed stone of various sizes depending upon the requirement and catering requirement of raw material for various construction activities such as construction of Roads, Railway tracks, Highways, Bridges, Buildings, Canals etc. The existing number of stone crushing units is expected to grow rapidly further in view the growing demand for development of infrastructure such as roads, canals and buildings.

The method in crushing

The course of action involved in crushing substantial size stone boulders into various size of crushed stones based upon the specifications in the demand sectors. The crucial stages involved in stone crushing machine are major crushing, screening, secondary tertiary crusher, screening, conveyance, storage of raw boulders and crushed stone and transportation of each rom & crushed stones. The raw stone boulders are obtained from mining of the stone from quarries and hand picking etc.

1.small size stone crushers

Usually the stone crushers having a production capacity ranging from three to 25 TPH. This category crusher have only a single Jaw variety crusher utilised as main or secondary crusher along with a single or maximum two screens.

2.medium size stone crushers

Normally the crushers getting more than 1 crusher i.e. a single principal and one secondary or one/two key and two secondary crushers in addition to one particular or far more vibratory screens are categorized as medium size crushers. Medium size stone crushers will have a production capacity inside the variety of 25-100 TPH.

3.large stone crushers

Generally getting two or more numbers every single of primary, secondary and tertiary variety crushers with at the least two or extra vibratory screens with mechanized loading, unloading conveying operations and creating far more than 100 TPH crushed stones.