Vertical Impact Crusher Design

Vertical Impact Crusher Design

Impact crusher machine break stones with the impact energy. Compared with other types of crusher machine, impact crusher has high crushing efficiency, less energy consumption, large output, large crushing ratio and simple production process, less construction costs. It can have the selective crushing for its strong adaptability.

Impact Crusher Safety Device Structure

Overload protection is realized through the impact plate. When the un-crushed materials entering into the machine, the impact plate will bear larger pressure and make the eye bolts up and back. It will discharge the mineral ore materials and it can protect the machine from damage. For the large scale crusher machine, it can set the spring or hydraulic device near the eye bolts to increase the rigidity of the back plate. It will make the impact crusher plate in its own under the action of gravity, elastic or hydraulic pressure and restored to its original position. It can be used as the safety device of the machine.

Existing problems

In the working process, when the moisture in the ore is too large or containing viscous material, impact crusher plate surface bonding, resulting in a decrease of crushing space. When it enters un-crushed materials, the impact plate back space will be smaller and the objects cannot be discharged in time, so that the rotor is jammed, which will cause the equipment accident.

Improvement of overload protection of impact crusher

Design the impact plate into fixed rigidity installation and cancel the overload protection device on the back plate. It will use the connection between main shaft and rotor flat key to have overload protection. That is to narrow the size of the key and the carrying capacity will be less than the carrying capacity of main shaft and other major parts. When the machine is overload, it will be the first key to cut and it will make the spindle idling, so as to protect the other important components from damage. Because the key is cheap and easy to change, it will reduce the maintenance costs.